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☄ First Impressions
♚ VISUAL: Icons! And a color image. While he's sixteen, it's really not hard to mistake him as older than that. He can usually be seen wearing the complete Hakushuu High School's uniform, with the jacket draped over his shoulders. He's of a fairly lanky build (yet, is still solidly-built) for a football player and stands at around 5'10". He's half-Japanese, half-Italian— because of this, his hair's a lighter brown than average and his eyes are blue (among perhaps other European features). Hiruma's nickname for him is "fucking eyelashes" (or eyebrows, depending on context), so those are allegedly fairly noticeable. He's pompously well-kept, with his hair kept consistently styled and his clothing pressed. If it's of any help to know, he's apparently going for the look of a "suave Italian man".
♚ DEMEANOUR: Honestly, someone who thinks he's hot shit. He's fairly show-offy, from the way he dresses to the manner in which he holds himself (informally, casually). For example, it's not unusual to see him spinning a ball on his fingertip. That kind of guy. Other than that, characters have remarked canonically how they're reminded of yakuza and/or mafia; YMMV. Largely credited to habits emulating that groups', his penchant for secrecy, and his manner of dress (referenced above).
♚ AURAL: Sugita Tomokazu! His voice runs fairly deep for a highschooler. When he's scared (or saying "kaa"), it tends to rise in pitch. He has a verbal tic of tacking on "I'd say" to the ends of his statements.
♚ OLFACTORY: Clean, well-kept guy. Likely smells faintly of some outlandishly expensive cologne and hair product. Or flowers, he likes flowers. Basically, unless he's been out on the field, it's hard to catch him smelling like an actual person.
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: Can't think of anything in particular to note. Feel free to ask any questions regarding this and I'm happy to supply, however. If you're reading his mind or something, especially let me know that that's happening so I can supply necessary introspection.
♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: None! He's an average teenager.

♚ BACKTAGGING: Absolutely; I'll backtag threads for months if you let me. One thing of note, though, is that I tend to take more time between replies the longer the thread's been advancing. Mostly a matter of prioritization!
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: — Hugging is fine, though he'll likely be startled depending on the situation. Same with kissing, platonic or not. As for flirting, he'll probably whip out his own return dose of it.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: He's a football player; he can handle a punch or twenty. For having him killed, I am going to say "probably", but please discuss it with me first.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: I am open to it! While he's still fairly enamored with his ex-girlfriend, he's single. It's a possibility with enough (a lot) development.