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Hey, you've reached Marco. Leave a message after the tone and I'll be sure to get back to you. Thanks.

( mail / text / audio / video / action )
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video / date: 6.30 / I got impatient....

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[He would have very much liked to opt for the more silent option- text, namely- but Neji's no idiot and despite his best efforts, apparently, he hadn't been immune to the mess that had come of... the clone wars, yeah.

So he thinks maybe the Big Guy had had to deal with something as unpleasant as well, because it seemed to be a trend. So maybe presenting his mug would lend him some credibility. Anyway.]

Please tell me you've come out of this unscathed, at least.

[You're his only hope...]
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[He thinks he should take some offense to the attitude Marco's decided to pick up. Then again, maybe he's just irritated as all hell. Acknowledging he's just not in the best mood (but when is he ever), Neji only lightly cocks his head.

Not everyone had a habit of looking for trouble. Fair. Then he sighs, because it's a stupid question, really.]

[Lee proved once again to be an idiot. Yuri was blinded. Chance encountets. But-] It seems things are simmering down. I can't say I'm not grateful for that.

I really should apologize for not having contacted you sooner. [Because he may have been able to help, somehow.]
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The first.

[Reply's not rushed but it doesn't warrant thought, either. He really can't see himself asking for help where destruction is somehow involved. Seeing as the apology was unnecessary, however...]

What do you know about ViViD?

[He's not asking for a report and hopes his tone makes it clear-- though it might not be to those unused to delivering reports in the first place. How do you feel about it? would have been more. Accurate. To gauge what he's going for. Oh well.]
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[And that, friend, was not his fault but yours.

Neji nods.]

I thought it a nuisance until just recently. [And does he really have to spell out why? No, what keeps him paused is that he's mildly stumped at how to proceed.

Obviously, honesty's out of the question.

Neji thanks the gods that he's never been one to fall back on it. So it only seems like he's taking the moment to swallow his pride again. The boy thinks that between that and admitting something idiotically akin to masochism, he prefers it. Carefully:]
You are correct, though. It's something to make use of. And it may even be something to look forward to, at times.

[C'mon, bruh, take the bait.]
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[YES HE IS WELL AWARE and he won't even care to stifle the small grimace at

yes, okay, it could have been handled more smoothly but who had the patience for that? Marco wouldn't even give a shit, so--]

Not particularly. [...no, wait.]

I just don't know where else I could go to get my mind off some things. I wondered if you were the sort to know better. And if you say you're alright and if you're willing, the company would be appreciated. [I suppose.]
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[Well. Good. His head tilts slightly to one side-- it was hard to realize he should do something else to convey interest, sometimes. Like shift his expression instead, or actually voice it.

ViViD had been one of the reasons he'd called up in the first place.

Neji's fairly certain he's through with the gym for a while- had it been 'dojo', he may have perked up.

But then the stoic mask breaks, and Neji's smirking like the unapologetically smug bastard he would like to pride himself on being.]
If that's the case then I'll let you choose, captain. [Because he's not thinking of a spar or even of showing off -no, honestly- but if it could be twisted into a competition...] As for myself, I wouldn't be opposed to both. That is, if you think you could keep up.

[Neji no.]
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Backdated to 7/11; mailbox!

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[A very big box with a red ribbon arrives in the mail.

You're welcome.]
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[personal profile] good_ideas 2016-06-03 11:13 am (UTC)(link)
of course not
why would i even joke about something like this
maid outfits are serious business ok
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[personal profile] good_ideas 2016-06-05 03:58 am (UTC)(link)

cant it be because i think youll like suuuuuper cute in it
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aww come on
i believe in you!!
do you really want to disappoint a cute high school girl
do you!!!
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[personal profile] good_ideas 2016-06-08 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
you were going to get something

juuuust kidding~
what do you want then
besides a super cute maid outfit and your life choices immortalized in picture form
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Re: text

[personal profile] good_ideas 2016-06-10 05:16 am (UTC)(link)

just that?
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text; 1/2

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[Her favourite food is pizza...Good job, Marco.]

somehow huh

it totally is
youre weird

[But people don't want to befriend her where she comes from (at least as far as she was concerned) so her first reaction is doubt.]
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juuuuust kidding

youre paying though right
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well you never know with people asking you out
its not like im a mind reader or anything
[there's her dumb esper joke of the day, be proud of your creation, Shiina.]

im not that kind of high school girl ok [the kind that can eat ten pizzas in one setting.

That would be Kaoru after a particularly strenuous mission. Shiho can probably manage at least one whole pizza by herself if she's been using her powers a lot.]
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[Minamoto didn't raise them to waste food like that!! Besides, she doesn't like cold pizza.]

youre kidding right isnt that a trope and everything

[Her next reply takes a while to come because she hadn't thought he'd actually put it on and she was too busy laughing into her pillow.]

it looks exactly like how i thought it would
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hey hey
those are your words not mine
i happen to think you look super cute

[And also hilarious.
Mostly hilarious.]

and im so impressed that you are
i should make this into my wallpaper
share it with my friends
send it to a lolicon i know
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no problem~

Arent maid outfits always impressive?
just ask the guys who go to maid cafes

also excuse you
i can get waaaay better blackmail than this
i just wanted to see you resigned to wearing it and sending me this willingly
and the lolicon has a huge range of interests apparently so it might appeal to him
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[personal profile] good_ideas 2016-07-02 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
just so you know
thats like super rude to maids

since you asked so nicely

he probably will enjoy it too much
being a pervert and all
im almost sorry

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[personal profile] good_ideas 2016-07-05 02:45 am (UTC)(link)
not when youre using it to excuse your own rudeness

hyoubu kyousuke lolicon extraordinaire

youll get used to it if you ever talk to him
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[personal profile] good_ideas 2016-07-07 01:16 pm (UTC)(link)
hm be careful a vengeful maid doesnt write you a really rude message on your omurice

and no problem
always willing to lend a hand

late evenings would be fine

[She's usually hungry after the more involved investigations anyway. But the later he takes her to pizza, the higher the risk that Hyoubu will come along...Shiho doesn't immediately realize this because surely old people who claim to want to be called Black Fallen Angel and Silver Prince had better things to do than stalk high school girls going out for pizza with a friend.]
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hey no one can say what form your gratitude takes ok
maybe rude messages are your way of expressing your thanks because being honest is too difficult for you

ive been there before
pretty good choice
im almost impressed
see you at eight then