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You'll find that there are many things that would normally be deemed impossible here. However, some may disagree that that's the case.

[ after all, there are countless worlds out there, and those countless worlds have so many differences to them. ]

Marco it is. Though, if I may, I do not think that your name sounds girly in the slightest.
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[ She pauses at his last words, looking thoughtful. ]

Indeed. You'll find that there are dozens of differences between your world and others.
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Being here is a rather huge contrast for me after living where I did.
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[ Alisha looks fairly surprised at that before a small smile spreads on her features. ]

Thank you. Though, that should be my line.
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[ 'kindness' and 'guilt.' this talk of having to save other people. it's a rather sudden change of mindset for him. while he's certainly had to fight before ending up here, it had rarely directly affected other people; attempting to prevent collateral damage while someone was trying to kill him came naturally, but if it's become more a matter of having to actually focus on helping other people ...

well, he can think that over later.

kakyoin sighs quietly as he sits back, rolling the tip of his hairflip between his fingers as he thinks. ]

Well, it looked like you were in good condition. With the bottle, and your running. So I'd imagine you have a decent start.

Ah. And earlier, I ran into someone else with a weapon -- some sort of strange guitar that could blast those monsters. He'd mentioned that it was attainable inside this game, rather than being a personal possession. So I imagine things of that sort might be available to anyone who puts enough effort into getting good at this game. The only question would be why they wouldn't level the playing field for people who do already have ... ways of fighting, if they want everyone to become capable. But perhaps it'd be best not to question that.
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[ kakyoin stops fiddling with his hairflip and looks over at that. 'once i have a method of fighting.' 'once,' not 'if.' that's quite ambitious. he imagines most people would probably spend a longer time just getting used to the idea of being able to fight off inhuman monsters with strange weapons, but this guy seems to effortlessly get past that step.

gutsy. he can respect a mindset like that. ]

Training, is it.

[ he seems to think that over for a moment, glancing off to the side -- gaze focused, like he's studying something marco can't see -- before looking back to marco with a thin smile. ]

Alright. I'm used to fighting with other methods, so I'm not very familiar with weapons. But I guess changing that might be a good idea, if situations like this are going to be a regular occurrence.

I'll do my best.
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Yeah, sounds good.

[to roxas, it's not really a question of whether or not he should do it. marco hasn't given him any reason to think it's a bad idea; he's not armed and the whole place is bloodthirsty.

and fighting is most of what he knows.

so for him, this is the natural solution to the problem. it's still just a ViViD game, sure, but that doesn't mean that anyone deserves to have their first experiences in this bizarre colony be with bloodshed. it's not the easiest take in the world, but roxas is going to do his best he can. he wants to avoid picking any fights and hurting needlessly, but at the first sign of someone taking swipe at them, he starts to slash his keyblades in rapid succession until they've been knocked aside. it's certainly not as bloody or brutal as what other people are doing, but as long as it knocks opponents out, then it's fine.

he's not calling on any magic unless things get desperate, but as they make their way across, he'll turn his head to marco for a moment to check on him.]

—Everything okay?
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[it's a satisfactory response for him; knowing that the person he's trying to help to safety isn't hurt (or worse) is definitely a good thing. he nods, giving a bit a of a relieved smile before he says anything else.]

I've gotten into a fight or two before... [or, you know, he pretty much existed to do nothing but fight for most of his life. sure, there's a big difference between heartless and humans (or npcs)—but the fundamentals don't really change.]

I think we can handle it. [even if marco doesn't know how to use that morning star, being armed at all helps... so long as he doesn't end up hitting roxas with it, or nothing else more threatening comes their way, they should be fine.

these npcs may be out for blood, but they're not that strong or skilled. his own fighting style is unrefined, but most things are better than facing off a pissed saïx and his claymore. if roxas survived that? this is fine.]
Are you ready?
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[it's a team effort to roxas, even if he's done most of the fighting up to this point. marco seems capable enough to him, in at least making sure he can defend himself well enough. it doesn't feel like some terrible escort mission...

so that's good enough to him right now.]

Alright... let's go! [and roxas is off—the quicker they can get through this, the better. preferably with few casualties. and when an arrow comes flying their way, roxas is quick to shoot off a blizzard spell from the end of his keyblade, effectively freezing it in midair and causing it to drop to the ground.]

...They're getting worse. [as in "way more aggressive," so finding their way out and away from this madness is just becoming more ideal. better move quick, right?]